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Factory & Warehouse Automation

Software Management & Seamless Business Date Streaming technology to enable an efficient material flow with intelligent networking of production and value-processes.

Integrated Automotive Manufacturing & Material Handling Automation

Smart and Integrated Material Handling System is driven by state-of-the-art material handling equipment to realized the industry revolution toward Industry 4.0 (IR 4.0)

Integrated Automated Carpark System

Fully automated three-dimensional garage system integrating machine, light, electricity and automated 

control. Safe and efficient towards approaching the future of space management industry.


Who We Are

Shanxi Oriental Material Handing Co.,Ltd (OMH) founded in December 1995.Taiyuan OMH software Co.,Ltd,Taiyuan OMH equipment Co.,Ltd ,Shanxi oriental material mechanical ,Changzhou Haden Process Engineering co., LTD, Shanghai Dongzijie Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.and OMH Software Co. Ltd. (Shenzhen)are the wholly-owned or holding subsidiaries of OMH.On June 30.2015, OMH is listed in Shenzhen Stock exchange, the stock code is 300486 and the stock name is “Dongjie intelligent”.


To make OMH all over the world.

Our strategic core is giving creation free wings to meet the needs of the times. Also to create or imitate differentiated products that can solve market problems to meet the needs of the times.

Re-creation of mature products:

Through the continuous improvement, standardization, process tooling and process reengineering of mature products, we can meet the extensive needs of the times with low-cost high-quality products.

Hands-on Service

Experience our wholesome services in meeting our client satisfaction. Services include:

1. Pre-sale Service

2. Project Commitment Service

3. After-sale Service

Our handling capabilities include:


eCommerce Fullfilment



& Healthcare


FMCG Industry


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